Established in 2001, under the aegis of RUMI Foundation, Jahan e Khusrau, designed and directed by noted film maker Muzaffar Ali, was the pioneer in presenting Sufi music in the country and has created a large following over the years.

These three mystical nights bring together musicians from different parts of India, the subcontinent and the world to perform in a seamless cinematic fashion. Participating countries have included USA, Canada, Germany, Italy, Morocco, Sudan, Egypt, Tunisia, Iran, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Besides Delhi, Jahan e Khusrau has also been presented in Jaipur, Patna, Lucknow, Srinagar, Boston and London.

Programme Schedule

Arab Ki Sarai, Humayun Tomb Monuments, New Delhi


06 March 2020

– An ode to Rumi by
Manjari Chaturvedi & Murad Ali
– Smita Bellur
– Nooran Sisters


07 March 2020

– Saqinama by Khusravana Group
– Dr. Mamta Joshi
– Kanwar Grewal


08 March 2020

– An ode to Khusrau by Prakriti Prashant – choreographed by Raja,  Radha & Kaushalya Reddy
– Gurdas Maan