Over the last 7 editions, wajid ali shah festival has explored the idiom of kathak, thumri & krishna bhakti blending it with the rich sufi traditions of awadh. Presented in many heritage locations & monuments as magnificent costume pageants through dance ballets.

Wajid ali shah festival has become a trendsetter in revitalizing the syncretic culture of the region thus adding an attractive dimension to tourism & promotion of culture, crafts & cuisine.

Wajid ali shah festivals over the years have presented holistic concerns for conserving culture and environment through innovative creative expressions.

Programme Schedule

Dilkusha Palace, Lucknow


23 February, 2020

11.00 AM – 1.00 PM 
Shri Morari Bapu
Speaks on Ganga Jamuni culture of harmony &
co-existence which gives India a unique place in the world

6.00 PM – 9.00 PM 
Gomti 1875
A dance ballet directed by Muzaffar Ali on a poem by Rahi Masoom Raza

Roohani Sisters –
Dr. Jagriti Luthra Prasanna & Dr. Neeta Pandey Negi